Ten ideas… about “psychosis”

Ten ideas you can use to think differently about trauma and psychosis…

Ten ideas #1

Ten ways you can start to think differently about “psychosis” .
And one question.

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SUCK LESS at psychosisWant to suck less?

  • [Get over yourself] Everybody sucks at this.
  • Unless of course you think you don’t – in which case, that might be evidence of just how much you could suck less.
  • See “Five ways you can suck less when supporting a person who struggling in ways we call “psychosis”.
  • Simple one-page infosheet/ poster.
  • Five ways anyone of us can start sucking less today.
  • Start now, suck a little less each day.Print-em, post ’em: post ’em, if you got em.

Ten ideas... psychosis #1