Five ways you can suck less…

SUCK LESS at psychosisFive ways you can suck less when supporting a person struggling in ways that get called “psychosis”.

Let’s get real.
Everybody sucks at this – “so get o’er yersel’.”
But you can suck less and you can start here.

If you suck less today than you did yesterday then you made progress and the world has a little less suckage.

So her goes…
Designed to work as companion with:
Ten ideas you can use to think differently about about psychosis…

Simple one page poster / infosheet.

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Five ways you can suck less...#1 [psychosis]
#1 A person, struggling and in pain

#2 Choose not to join the circus

#3 Listen, learn to sit with discomfort

#4 Look for the hook

#5  Tend to basic, human needs






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Five ways you can suck less…#1 Psychosis

five ways you can suck less...#1